Twitter Has KILLED our apps which means we are non functional I have sent out news letters to this effect
With That said , we are working on MinaGrey SOLO
What that is, Mina grey running on your app and server
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We do the hard Work
From start to finish we do all of the work to get you noticed more often
WE have a lot of information on how to make your Twitter even better
How we do it
Some basic information on our system and how to make it work for you
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Artists Authors Artists Companies and More

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Normally we build websites and apps for tablets and phones.

The basics of this program we have used for various clients with a very high success rate. It was decided that many more could benefit from a program like this. This is all about being able to control your twitter account and getting the most out of it. For the most part people are diligent at tweeting and retweeting. However you have to sleep sometime. Then there is trying to put together a targeted tweet for a new book or product. Twitter will not allow you to post the same tweet over again. We have solutions for that, that work .. You can Tweet the same product , the same tweet multiple times. You can also vary your tweet to get better results. Join us and our group, you will get results.

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